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Preventative Medicine

My pet’s perfectly healthy!  Why should I see my veterinarian?

At Northwest Pet Clinic, we believe that a yearly checkup is the best way to keep your pet as healthy as possible – because it’s much easier to prevent disease than to treat it. With regular checkups, our veterinarians can spot problems at their earliest stages, when issues can often be addressed simply and cost effectively. So, whether your dog frolics at the park with all the neighborhood pups, or the closest your cat gets to the great outdoors is a sunny windowsill, every pet needs to see us – at least once a year!

Remember: Pets age faster than we do, so missing even one yearly checkup can be like us not visiting a doctor for over five years!

When you bring your pet to Northwest Pet Clinic for his or her wellness appointment, we will perform a thorough physical examination and discuss our observations and recommendations in the following areas:

Bad breath can lead to more than a ‘no kisses’ policy. We will check for tartar, inflammation and infections that can make your pet sick, and make recommendations for home care or a dental procedure based upon our findings.

Our pets can tell us so much with simply the look in their eyes. Our veterinarians examine your pets’ eyes for signs of cataracts, glaucoma, infection, jaundice, allergies and more.

Your dog hears the treat cupboard open from a mile away, and your cat can hear the can opener from the opposite end of the house. We can help keep it that way with checks for infection and other ear problems.

You’re great at giving belly rubs. We are trained to feel for tumors, signs of pain and enlarged organs.

When our veterinarians give Fido and Fluffy a rub down, we’re checking body muscle tone, weight, and for enlarged lymph nodes that can be a sign of infection or disease.

There are many options for feeding our pets, and sometimes it is hard to decide what is best. We will recommend high quality diets for your pets, based on individual needs of weight management, digestion, skin and coat, size, breed, and other factors.

Our veterinarians will check your furry friend for fleas, ticks, mites, skin infections and lumps and bumps. We will make recommendations for parasite prevention. We will also offer to perform diagnostics to determine the source of infections, and the nature of the lumps, in order to help to resolve them.

It’s not pretty, but our veterinarians check under the tail for anal gland issues, tapeworms and tumors.

When our veterinarians get out the stethoscope, we listen for heart murmurs and irregular beats. We also make sure Fido’s and Fluffy’s lungs are clear and free of fluid, inflammation, or other signs of disease.

Just like us, pets feel their age. Our veterinarians will check the joints and spine for signs of pain and tenderness – so we can take a proactive approach to pain management.

One of our most important jobs is to help strengthen the bond between families and their pets. We will help you integrate your new puppy, kitten, or newly adopted adult into your family. We can also make recommendations for training and behavior problem solving. As pets age, sometimes odd behaviors arise – we can help manage age related issues as well.

The Samples:
Why do we ask for a stool sample? To screen for intestinal parasites, some of which can be transmitted to humans.
Blood work and urinalysis are also recommended to confirm your pet’s organ systems are healthy, check for anemia or infection, and screen for heartworms.

Parasite Prevention:
Our veterinarians recommend monthly heartworm preventative to both prevent infestation of heartworms and intestinal parasites.

We recommend and provide modern vaccines and updated vaccine protocols, customized to your pets’ lifestyle and needs. Our goal is to keep them safe from disease, while at the same time minimizing risk of side effects and avoiding unnecessary vaccines.

Partners for Healthy Pets

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