Dental and oral health is an important part of your pet’s general health. Periodontal (dental) disease can dramatically affect your pet’s organ functions and be a source of chronic pain. Here at Northwest Pet Clinic, we offer extensive care in dentistry to help your pet be as healthy and comfortable as possible. At every examination, our doctors evaluate your pet’s teeth and give recommendations about how to improve your pet’s dental health. This may include products used at home to prevent plaque and tartar buildup, as well as, advanced procedures to treat more severe dental diseases. The combination of evaluating your pet’s mouth and initiating appropriate treatment is the best way to prevent or treat painful abscessed teeth, as well as, promote general good health.

These are the dental procedures we routinely perform with each patient:

● General anesthesia (including pre-operative exam, bloodwork, and EKG screening)
● Ultrasonic and hand-scaling of the teeth
● Thorough oral cavity exam
● Screening and diagnostic dental x-rays (as much as 70% of dental disease lies below the gumline and is only identified through dental x-rays)
● Polishing and Fluoride application
● Dental enamel sealing and extractions when necessary
● Appropriate pain control medications (before, during, and after a dental procedure)
● Follow-up evaluations, dental health care recommendations, and products

The standard of care for veterinary patients, according to the American Veterinary Dental Society, is to perform these services under anesthesia. This is the only proper way to fully evaluate and treat your pet’s dental disease. We follow these guidelines so that we may continue to provide the most optimal dental care for your pet. Our doctors also regularly attend various continuing education programs in dentistry. This enables them to be able to identify almost any problem using dental x-rays, assess the extent of the problem, and implement cutting edge surgical techniques, if needed, to treat the problem.

When the dental disease is resolved and your pet is on a home care prevention regime, they not only feel much better but they also have much better breath and general health. This will only enhance your relationship with your pet and let them live a longer, happier, and healthier life!