Northwest Pet Clinic and Pima Paws for LifeThe Heartbreaking Truth:
Did you know that approximately 12,000 animals die in local shelters in Pima County EVERY YEAR? That’s 1,000 animals per month or approximately 33 animals per DAY! Given that statistic, approximately every hour and fifteen minutes, an animal is put down in Pima County that potentially could have been adopted into a forever loving home. Those are very grave statistics.

The Call to Action:
Pima Paws for Life (PPFL) began as an idea born out of necessity: reduce the needless deaths of animals in Pima County. Their mission is simple but their task is challenging: “To partner with the community in creating a no-kill Pima County.” Northwest Pet Clinic has partnered up with PPFL in order to help treat their sick animals and prepare them for their forever homes. Three days a week, our doctors travel to their facility to administer medical treatments for their sick animals. Many of the conditions we see are upper respiratory infections, pneumonia, skin problems, valley fever, ear infections, wounds, and other health problems. Unfortunately, these aren’t small or simple medical treatments.

How YOU Can Help:
You can help and make a HUGE difference in these animals’ lives! Northwest Pet Clinic is now taking donations to assist PPFL and their mission. The monies raised will go towards providing medical treatments and prescription drugs to the animals in need.

A little bit goes A LONG WAY! If everyone that stepped into our clinic, visited our website, or was on our Facebook page donated something as small as $0.50 (yes, that’s fifty cents), we would be able to raise A LOT of money to help these animals in need. That’s less than a cup of coffee.

“Any burden shared isn’t just half the burden — but a burden made lighter for all who agree to carry it;
the unthinkable truth is that if everyone agreed to carry just a little more, everyone would carry a little less.” – Guy Finley

Please help us help those that make our lives richer. Together, we can cause a ripple effect of change in Pima County…all it takes is one small drop of water.

On behalf of all of our furry friends, we thank you in advance.