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*In House Diagnostics

The Northwest Family of practices cares about our communities four legged family members.  We know that when they aren’t feeling their best, you look to us to make them feel better.  We take that responsibility very seriously and are grateful for each visit to us.  We have taken to the motto… When you do the right things, the right things happen.  Because of this, we have made many investments in upgrading our facilities in house diagnostics so that we can receive results faster and start treatment sooner.

Blood Screening

Offering a vast array of blood screens in house, we are able to start treatment on our patients that are not able to wait overnight for a laboratory result.  Allowing us to treat as soon as possible and saving lives.

Digital Radiography

Radiology is vital to any veterinary practice (especially one that offers Orthopedic procedures), but the addition of digital radiology was well overdue and offers convenience to both our clients as well as the veterinary staff.  Now we are able to show our concerned client in the rooms what the radiograph has shown and enlarge any part of each film for clarification.  If a referral is necessary, we can now email or copy the images to a disc for easy transfer.


Our newest acquisition, our ultrasound machine allows us to see internal organs that may not come up as clear on radiographs.  This is vital in cases where fluid is building up or organs are enlarged or have masses attached to them.

More to Come!


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