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Home Health And Hospice

Northwest Pet Clinic offers Home Health and Hospice services for pets in need of
comfort care to provide optimum quality of life during the end of life transition. Our highly
trained Home Health and Hospice team create personalized treatment plans for the
unique needs of each pet in their care. Home Health and Hospice nurses also provide
“hand in hand” support for pet caregivers for all participants of the program.

  • Home Health services offer the convenience of care in the pet care giver’s home
    for the comfort of any pet experiencing either acute or chronic illnesses.
  • Hospice services provide comfort care and emotional support once the pet enters
    the end of life transition.  The end of life transition may occur over a short period
    of time such as a matter of days or even long periods that may be several weeks
    to months. The decision to enter into the program is usually based upon the pet
    care giver’s decision not to seek any further curative treatment for his or her pet’s
    condition and only seek supportive palliative care.

Disclosure: Pet caregivers interested in these services must have a pet that is under the
care of a Veterinarian at Northwest Pet Clinic.  If you are interested in enrolling your pet
in either the Home Health or Hospice programs, please call to establish care with one of
our caring and compassionate veterinarians.

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