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Dentistry & Surgery


We offer extensive care in dentistry.  At every examination, the doctor will look at the teeth and give recommendations if needed, including products to prevent plaque and tartar buildup.  We recommend routine dental cleaning when we see heavy tartar buildup, but before the teeth become infected. This prevents painful abscessed teeth, and the burden of bacterial infections on the rest of the body.  These dental procedures are generally simple and routine, with an ultrasonic scaling of the teeth, hand cleaning below the gums, and screening dental x-rays, and polishing.  These services are performed while the pet is under anesthesia.  We recommend dental x-rays with every dental procedure, because of the fact that approximately 70% of dental problems and disease are below the gum line, and not detectable with a visual exam.  Your dentist cannot do a thorough examination on you with out x-rays, and the same applies to your pet.

We are also able to treat dental disease that has progressed beyond simple tartar buildup, when more extensive work is necessary to relieve pain and infection.  Our doctors have attended continuing education programs in dentistry, and can resolve most problems that occur, using dental x-rays to evaluate the extent of the problem, and implementing surgical techniques.  We find that once the dental disease is resolved, and the pets are on a home care prevention regime, they feel much better, and have much better breath—which enhances your relationship with them!


Our surgeons’ protocols exceed Arizona’s minimum state veterinary standards.  With our highly trained surgical team, you can feel confident that the level of compassion and attention that your pet receives at Northwest Pet Clinic is extraordinary.  From pre-anesthetic blood panels, and doppler blood pressure monitoring, to standard IV catheters and fluid therapy, pulse oximeter, and dedicated veterinary technician anesthetist, we want your pet to be as safe and comfortable as possible during their surgical journey.

Surgery is never “routine” with us at NWPC, whether it’s a spay or orthopedic surgery.  Every pet has their unique characteristics and our surgeons individualize their anesthetic, pain management, and surgical plans based on the specific needs of the patient.

We schedule surgeries most days during the week.  Generally our patients are dropped off in the morning after a check-in consultation with a technician, and can go home the same day.  Plan on  your pet being with us all day on their surgery day.

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