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Companion Animal Rehabiliation

Our Companion Animal Rehabilitation services are used to assist pets with a vast array of physical goals.  Pets will benefit by reaching their ideal weight, enhancing athletic abilities, decreasing pain and discomfort caused by arthritic joints, and healing more quickly after an injury or surgical procedure.

Therapeutic Exercise: Therapeutic exercise is used to improve flexibility and balance, decrease pain and discomfort caused by arthritic joints, and
improve some neurological conditions.
Post-Operative Care: Post-Operative Care enhances healing and recovery times, strengthens muscles and joints, and alleviates the stress of being confined to limited space and activity during recovery.
Body Conditioning: Body Conditioning helps pets meet or maintain their ideal weight. It is also a fun way to prepare athletic or working pets for Small Rehabfuture intensive physical activities.
Therapeutic Laser: Therapeutic Laser enhances healing while reducing pain and inflammation in your pet. It is non-invasive and each session
usually takes just a few minutes.
Heat and Cold Therapy: Massage Therapy relieves tension in muscles while increasing blood flow. This will alleviate inflammation, increase your
pet’s comfort level, and decrease recovery time.
Massage Therapy: Heat Therapy helps to increase blood flow and decrease stiffness in joints, making your pet more comfortable during physical
rehabilitation. While Cold Therapy is done post intensive physical exertion to help reduce inflammation and prevent soreness.


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