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Pima Paws for Life

Pima Paws for Life

Date:11 Nov, 2014

Pima Paws for Life

Pima Paws For Life is in desperate need of financial donations! To donate for medical expenses, click here.  Your donations are appreciated!


Pima Paws For Life is a non-profit organization that began as an idea born out of necessity: reduce the needless deaths of animals in Pima County.

Unfortunately, approximately 12,000 animals are dying in local shelters in Pima County every year. To help them with their mission, we have partnered up with Pima Paws For Life to help them treat their sick animals.

Three days a week, our doctors treat animals with upper respiratory infections, ear infections, wounds, and other health problems. We give them the treatments and medications needed to restore their health. Our doctors also schedule follow-ups with each affected animal to make sure that they are responding to their treatments.

One of the most rewarding parts of working with Pima Paws For Life is the ability to help facilitate in the adoption process. After their health conditions have been treated, these animals can be adopted into loving “forever homes”. Not only does Pima Paws for Life save the lives of many animals, it helps these animals find loving, stable homes and families.

Learn more about Pima Paws for Life by visiting their website: Pima Paws for Life

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