Northwest Pet Clinic Celebrates National Cat DayOctober 29 is National Cat Day! It’s a holiday that was created in 2005 to not only recognize the cats that do have homes, but to also promote adoption for those cats that still need forever homes.

So what will you do to celebrate your feline friend and cute kitties everywhere? Here are 10 ideas to help you make this year’s Cat Day a great day.

1. Adopt a cat or kitten.
Since the goal of National Cat Day is primarily to raise awareness about the 4 million cats that are put in shelters and the 1 to 2 million cats that are euthanized each year, the best way to celebrate National Cat Day is to adopt a cat or kitten.

If you have room in your home and your budget to care for a kitty, the love and support you can give a homeless cat is the greatest gift of all.
As you choose a cat to adopt, keep in mind that older cats have a harder time finding homes, because everybody wants the cute kittens. Similarly, black cats are less likely to be adopted than cats with brighter fur colorings.

2. Volunteer at a local animal shelter.
If you can’t adopt a new cat into your home, consider giving a few hours of your time instead. Call first to see when and how you can come help, and bring your skills with you to volunteer at a local animal shelter.

3. Donate to a local animal shelter.
If you don’t have the time or can’t take time out of your work schedule to volunteer at a shelter, you can make a donation. Animal shelters are often short on resources, so every little bit can help them purchase food, bedding, and medical care for the animals they take in.

Just be sure to find out first out how the shelter prefers to take donations—if the shelter has an online donation form, if donations must be made by check, if you can get a receipt for tax purposes, etc.

4. Watch cat videos on YouTube.
Who doesn’t love watching animals do animal things? Cats seem to have a special knack for entertaining the masses, and cat videos populate YouTube in the millions.

Celebrate National Cat Day by watching all of the cat videos you’ve heard about in the media this year but haven’t seen yet. You can even make a cat video playlist to share with your friends and family.

Not a big cat person? There are also tons of videos co-starring cats and dogs, cats and hedgehogs, cats and babies, cats and—you name it.

5. Make your own cat video.
Why not add one more to the internet’s treasure trove of cat videos?
If your cat has a special talent, silly trait, or is just plain cute, you can make him the star in his very own short film. Use your phone’s video camera to capture the moment, and then post away.

Be sure to share your video with everyone you know—and don’t forget to wish them a Happy National Cat Day!

6. Stock up on catnip.
What better reason to be indulgent with your feline roommate than a national holiday in her honor? If your cat enjoys catnip, give her a dose on October 29.
You might even be able to get a better YouTube video while she’s high on life—er, nine lives.

7. Bring home a shiny new toy.
Whether it’s the vehicle for catnip delivery, a seductive feather on a string, or something cuddly, your cat will love getting a new toy on National Cat Day. Spend some extra time playing with him and the new toy, and he’ll wonder how every day can become a cat holiday.

8. Schedule a dinner date.
Many restaurants allow you to bring your pets if you sit outside with them. Especially if your cat is OK with being on a leash, bring her along for an al fresco dining experience at a low-key local eatery. Bring along some grub for your cat, or call ahead to see if the restaurant has special cat fare in stock.

Before you go, think of ways to be sure the adventure isn’t too stressful. Check out some of our tips for minimizing the stress of a visit to the vet: those tips also apply to taking your cat out on the town.

9. Take your cat for a walk.
Here’s another idea for leash-trained felines: head out to a park for a pleasant autumn walk with your cat. He’ll enjoy the foray into “nature,” and you can enjoy spending some time watching him frolic outdoors.

Just don’t head too far onto the wild side. Keep watch for wildlife and dogs that might scare or attack your cat. Also be careful of areas with too much activity or too many people.

After all, you want this to be a serene outing for the two of you, not a one-way ticket to stressville for your cat.

10. Check in for a weekend getaway.
Do you really want to pamper your cat this National Cat Day? Then look into options at a cat-friendly hotel, either somewhere close to home or a day trip or farther away.

Some hotels specialize in cat visitors and offer specific packages for cats and their owners. Higher-end boutique hotels that cater to cats also have all-inclusive deals to pamper the felines and their human friends

Are you ready meow? This October 29, we hope you and your cat have the best National Cat Day ever.