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Could You Be Overfeeding Your Pet?

At Northwest Pet Clinic, we continuously invest in the professional development, training, and education of our team. Whether it’s through continuous education courses, breakfast seminars, private one-on-one training, or other outside sources, our team is continually enveloped in training. This not only makes them a greater asset to us but to you as well. When

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Everything You Never Knew You Needed to Know About Heartworms

Heartworms: We hear about them a lot and know they’re a danger to our pets’ lives. But what are they, really? We’ve put together a short guide to heartworms to help you understand the danger and how you can prevent heartworms from affecting your four-legged friends. What are they? Heartworms are transmitted to dogs and

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4 Reasons to Scoop Your Pet’s Poop (for Analysis)

Your pet is scheduled for a routine veterinary exam—or maybe he or she is having a particular health problem, and you’ve decided to take your pet in to see what’s going on—and you are asked to do the unthinkable: to bring in a fecal sample. If you aren’t already used to following your pet around

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What You Need to Know About a Vomiting Pet

It’s a topic we’d all probably prefer to avoid, but one that is also incredibly important for pet health: vomiting. While it’s normal for dogs and cats to throw up on occasion, vomiting can also be a sign of a health problem. We’ve compiled a list of basic facts about pet vomit to help you

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5 Reasons to Seek Dental Treatment for Your Pet

As humans, we recognize the importance of good dental care: getting our teeth cleaned and checked each year, taking care of cavities, gingivitis, and wayward wisdom teeth, and following preventative measures such as regularly brushing and flossing. Like us, our pets have teeth that need care and regular maintenance. Poor dental health can make your

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Best Vet Tucson

Fresh Year, Fresh Focus on Pet Care

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Northwest Pet Clinic wants to thank you for your trusting us with your pet care needs.  We are so grateful to be able to serve such a pet loving community. After hearing your feedback, we started the last year working on changes to serve you better. We focused on Service Excellence and implemented both training

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What Our Clients Say

The NW Pet clinic, in my opinion, is the best pet clinic in the world! I know this from experience of traveling the world and having pets. I started my experience with NWPC in 2000 and moved to Arizona in 2003 and stayed with them especially when Dr. O'Donnell and her husband took over. They are the most awesome team I have ever encountered! They are totally customer service driven and only hire staff who think the same thing. I feel like family when I visit a couple times a month. I can confidentially state that their business is the BEST IN THE WORLD! Bar none! I am always impressed with the great attitudes and awesome customer service they all provide. I am writing this but can't really find the right words to express how I feel but I hope you get it. I hope I'm coming across as believable because it is true. I can guarantee you that if you visit the NWPC one time you will be convinced as I am. They are simply amazing and awesome! Visit, you will experience the same.

If you want your animals to feel special and safe, visit . . .

( Pamela Bass )

The techs were very friendly here and took into great consideration the timidness of my dog. They approached her the correct way and even though she was still nervous, still was more comfortable. They show that they do care.

You are not just a number coming in to pay them.

( Jeremy Sweitzer )

Northwest pet clinic is really out of the way for me, but I drive about 45 minutes (passing clinics closer to my house along the way) because the staff is so friendly, professional, and knowledgeable! I use this clinic for my 2 dogs and now my rabbit as well :) I have never once been disappointed with the service and the clinic itself is very clean! This is an all around great clinic!!!

Thank you to the staff for always being awesome!

( Caiti Jenness )

Have never been happier with pet care! When our beautiful Lacy died, NWPC showered us with compassion and understanding. We wouldn’t have come thru as well had it not been for the staff.

Thank you NWPC.

( Sue Collins )

I take both my cat Max (15yrs.) and dog Molly (5yrs) to see Dr. O’Donnell, whom they love! Both of my “kids” have various health issues and she has always been so patient with me with any questions I may have. The Doctors and staff at N.P.C are always friendly and always make myself and more importantly my pets feel comfortable and at ease. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone who may be looking for a new Veterinarian who truly puts the welfare of your pets first.

I absolutely love Northwest Pet Clinic!

( Annie Breining )

Thank you guys, for helping us get Kelsey feeling better. We still have a small road to how, but I know that she will be fine. Driving the 45 minute to see you is well worth our trip.


( Emily Burke )

Wanted to thank all of the staff here, you guys were WONDERFUL with Fred yesterday and you’ve helped us figure out plans for him during a rough time.

♥ this place!

( Cara Ager )

Thank You for Voting for Us as the Best Vet in Northwest Tucson!