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Ovariohysterectomy surgery

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Ovariohysterectomy surgery

The Ovariohysterectomy surgery, commonly called a “spaying” is one of the most common routinely performed surgeries. It is considered major abdominal surgery involving the removal of the uterus and both ovaries. A general anesthetic is necessary for your pet during this procedure. The entire staff at Northwest Pet Clinic shares your concern that the anesthesia and surgery for your pet be as safe and uneventful as possibly. Therefore, we have established high specific standards on quality and care to meet your expectations.

It is beneficial to have as much information as possible about a patient prior to surgery. Through our own clinical laboratory, you can choose to have a pre-operative panel done on the morning of surgery. This will give us additional important information about cell function, including liver and kidney functions. An ECG (electrocardiogram) to evaluate heart function is also included. These tests are optional at your choice. The pre-operative panel is for you pets benefit and is strongly recommended. More information is included.

One of the safest anesthetics available is isoflurane. An endotracheal tube is placed into the windpipe to ensure an open airway and to administer oxygen and anesthesia as needed. The surgical team consists of a doctor and one or two veterinary assistants or technicians who monitor the patient’s status and assist as needed. During the surgery a sterile surgery instrument pack and full sterile surgical prep is done for each patient. When the surgery is complete, one of the team members stays with the patient until he/she is awake and moved into the recovery area. We will call you as soon as the procedure is done and arrange a time to take your pet home.

Of course you will be anxious to know how to care for your pet at home after his/her surgery. Before he/she goes home, a time will be set aside for you with one of our doctors. The doctor will review instructions for care at home and answer any questions you may have.


Although routine, the Ovariohysterectomy surgery is not a simple procedure. We, at Northwest Pet Clinic, use only the best quality materials and supplies and provide the individual care and supervision that you expect. We realize that your pet is a member of your family and is very loved. The quality of care and attention your pet receives is a reflection of your love and concern for his/her well-being. Please call if you have any additional questions. We are here to help.

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