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5 Ways to Show Your Vet Tech Some Love During Vet Tech Week

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5 Ways to Show Your Vet Tech Some Love During Vet Tech Week

Northwest Pet Clinic Celebrates National Vet Tech WeekNational Veterinary Technician week is October 12 through 18 this year. Since vet techs wear many hats in animal hospitals, they deserve to be recognized for all they do.

Vet techs don’t only assist veterinarians during routine procedures. They also work as nurses, surgical assistants, anesthetists, hygienists, nutritional advocates, phlebotomists, x-ray technicians, massage therapists, dog walkers, and educators.

Those are a lot of roles to fill. In honor of all the hard work he or she does each day, here are five ways to say hats-off to your vet tech this week.

1. Send a card.
It might sound simple. But in our digital world, sending a piece of snail mail can really brighten someone’s day. Whether you address it to the vet tech you interact with most, or to all of the techs in the office, send a thank-you card to your veterinary hospital expressing your gratitude for the techs’ hard work all year.

To make it even more personal, include a picture of your pet with a note on the back that says something like, “Thank you for everything. – Fido” or “You’re the best! –Princess.” Not only will your tech have something to hang up on the wall, but the card will mean even more once the tech has a furry face to pair with your thank-you message.

2. Bring a gift.
If your pet has an appointment conveniently scheduled during Vet Tech Week (or if the office is located so that you can stop in briefly during your regular commute), bring in an inexpensive token of gratitude.
If your animal hospital uses plants to decorate, consider bringing your vet tech a small indoor plant. Succulents and air plants make great, low-maintenance gifts. Just make sure that whatever plant you do choose to give is non-toxic for pets. (The Humane Society has a list of potentially poisonous plants that you can check out before you buy.)

Other ideas might include anything utilitarian that you think the tech might like or need. Or, if you know the tech’s tastes pretty well, something that fits his or her personality. For example, if you know your vet tech is really into Hello Kitty, then a gift that fits that theme is a great idea. Or if your vet tech is always talking about his hiking photography adventures, you might consider bringing him a simple, but nice photo frame.

3. Bake cookies.
It might help to call the office first to do a little bit of sleuth work to find out if the vet tech has any food allergies, but baked goods are almost always a winning way to say thank you.

A simple batch of oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip, or peanut butter cookies will not only brighten your vet tech’s day, but will also give her a little boost of energy to finish her shift (or a pick-me-up after the shift is over!).

And of course, it’s OK to buy cookies or another treat if you just don’t have the time to bake your own. It’s the thought that counts.

4. Post a note.
Head to your animal hospital’s Facebook page during Vet Tech Week and leave a public note there, wishing your vet tech (or all of the clinic’s vet techs) a happy week and thanking him for all his hard work.

You can post a picture of your pet with your thank-you note, or you can just post text. Either way, letting all the clinic’s followers know about vet tech week might inspire others to pass on their gratitude, too.

5. Leave a review.
Consider logging on to Yelp or another review website this Vet Tech Week and letting others know about your positive experiences with the vet tech at your pet’s animal hospital.

Maybe there was a specific case when the tech really made your pet’s miserable day a little less terrible, or when she was there to comfort your nervous pet during a stressful visit. Tell your story and let others know.

Not only do reviews create positive buzz for your animal hospital, but they give other pet owners a taste of what they might expect if they decide to bring their pets in to the animal hospital—especially people who are new to the area, someone whose veterinarian has just retired, or first-time pet owners.

Knowing that not only is the doctor or the clinic good, but that the vet techs are also stellar, can really put someone’s mind at ease when making that first vet appointment. But most importantly, your vet tech’s name will be listed on the internet in recognition of the great work he does with pets every day. What better thanks can you give than that?

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