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12 Reasons Why Northwest Pet Clinic’s Dental is Unbeatable

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12 Reasons Why Northwest Pet Clinic’s Dental is Unbeatable

Northwest Pet Clinic - Dental TreatmentMany veterinary clinics offer the same dental services. But just as with human dental care, the quality of care for pets can be wildly different, depending on where you go. So how do you know your pet will get the best possible procedure?

For starters, pick an animal hospital that has high standards. Call in advance to learn more about the procedure you’d like your pet to have; ask who will perform the procedure, what his or her training is, what anesthetic monitoring the clinic will use, and what is included in the procedure.Northwest Pet Clinic offers the highest quality of pet dental care in the Tucson Metropolitan area. Here are 12 details to prove it.

1. Digital dental X-ray. Only about 50 percent of dental disease can be identified without X-rays. X-rays help us more accurately find dental disease and ensure that root fragments are not left behind after tooth extractions.

2. Dental charting. We document your pet’s health status, including gingival tissue and overall tooth health, in your pet’s medical record. This allows us to compare dental health during follow-up and for home care.

3. Pre-anesthetic blood testing. We test your pet’s blood before dental procedures to ensure your pet’s organs are functioning correctly and to make sure that your pet will both process the anesthesia and heal normally after the procedure.

4. Pre-operative pain medication and sedatives. We provide medication before anesthesia that has been shown to more effectively prevent pain, as well as to help decrease anxiety and stress while your pet is in our care.

5. Nerve blocks for extractions. You appreciate when your dentist uses Novocain to “block” pain during dental procedures. Your pet will thank us for doing the same for him.

6. Dedicated anesthetist. There is always someone present during the procedure whose only task is to monitor your pet’s vital signs before, during, and after anesthesia. Our anesthetist provides your pet comfort and assurance as she awakens from anesthesia to prevent her from getting nervous while she waits for you. This ensures your pet’s well-being from the time you drop her off until you pick her up again.

7. Anesthetic monitoring. To determine your pet’s health status and anesthetic depth, we perform electrocardiograms, blood oxygen level monitoring, and blood pressure measurement. Understanding your pet’s current state throughout the procedure allows us to provide optimal care.

8. IV catheter and IV fluids. During a dental procedure, we use intravenous fluids to keep your pet’s blood pressure, tissue, and organ blood flow stable. Using an IV catheter also gives us immediate access to your pet’s circulatory system if we need to give her additional medications.

9. Thermal patient warmer. Your pet will receive safe and effective heat during the procedure thanks to the “Hot Dog,” a state-of-the-art warmer that uses a semi-conductive polymeric fabric to provide heat without blowing air or hot water.

10. Post-operative pain medication. If your pet has undergone surgery, he will be sent home with pain-relieving medication to make recovery an easier experience.

11. Detailed after-care instructions and Dental Home Care Kit. We provide you with detailed instructions and a care kit so you know what to expect after anesthesia. This will also help you care for your pet once you arrive back home and recovery begins.

12. Doctors and technicians dedicated to answer post-dental questions. If you still have questions or concerns, we are available and happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have – before, during, and after your pet’s procedure.

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